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Teffest 2022

19 November 2022

About teffest

TEFFEST (The Entertainment Fair and festival) is an annual Festival organized by Redhot Concepts in conjunction with top entertainment brands and executives. A festival to bring together all aspects of the “Business of Entertainment”.

A first of its kind, TEFFEST aims to promote and showcase the possibilities in and around the business of African entertainment as it creates a platform for world-class innovations around entertainment to come showcase in Africa.

Our vision is to strengthen and support the entertainment industry, its practitioners and partners to create sustainable structures, infrastructure and trade.



Theme: Training for success in the Entertainment business

Most professional courses continually have trainings and upgrades for practitioners, the entertainment business should not be any different. There are constant upgrades to every facet of the entertainment business both movies and music, both in front and behind the camera. Varying from lightening, to sound, euipment functions, lights climate control, to non tangible trainings such as professional business etiquettes, emotional intelligence, leadership in entertainment, new world practices and beliefs.


As the entertainment industry continues to grow and becomes a strong GDP generator for the country, it is important that all practitioners are mandated to run recurrent courses once or twice yearly (every 6 months or once a year), to keep with the ever changing international standards while helping the entertainment business to be more efficient.


- To create a learning environment and serious mindset between entertainers

- To help practitioners get deeper insight in addition to their experience

- To foster better working relationships and etiquette in the entertainment business

- To create a fluid working relationship with the international community.


A call for entertainers to indulge periodically on the need and advantages of

  1. Training in professional recurrence.

  2. Training in personal development.

  3. Training in business proficiency.


Breakout sessions

  1. Understanding the rules of submission for the OSCARS.

  2. Understanding Censorship. The Dos and Dont’s, best time for submission as well as penalties.

  3.   Omotola - What I know now that I wished I knew then.

Teffest 2020 Agenda


Introduction                                                                          11:00-11:30am

Welcome Speech (convener)                                            11:30-12:00pm

Keynote Speech                                                                   12:00-12:30pm

Training in professional recurrence                                    1:00-2:00pm

Breakout Session 1                                                                2:00-2:30pm

Training in personal development                                       3:00-4:00pm

Breakout Session 2                                                               4:00-4:30pm

Training in business proficiency                                          5:00-6:00pm

Breakout Session 3                                                               6:00-6:30pm

*Please note that the time stated are all in WAT